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We help companies generate more business value from their data

End-to-end Analytics solutions

Using BIyond’s unique RAPID methodology, we cover all aspects of planning and implementing an end-to-end Analytics solution: from the Data & Analytics Roadmap and Technology Selection to the Analytics solution development, deployment and on-going maintenance.

Data Science and Machine Learning projects

BIyond’s experienced Data Science team is capable of handling any business-case end-to-end, using a variety of models, such as Social Networks Analysis, Semantic Web Processing, Text Mining, and more. We offer consulting, hands-on implementation and Data Science courses.

Big Data professional services

BIyond’s Big Data experts offer consulting and hands-on implementation of Big Data technologies, such as Spark, ElasticSearch, Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop and many more.

Data & Analytics consulting

BIyond offers a variety of Data & Analytics consulting services, such as planning and managing Big Data Analytics projects, Data & Analytics Roadmap (DAR), Technology selection, Data strategy and CDO (Chief Data Officer) services, architecture planning, Business & Data analysis, and more.

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