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BIyond offers a variety of professional services that cover a wide range of tasks and requirements to suit the customer’s needs:

  1. Data & Analytics Roadmap (DAR): The Data & Analytics Roadmap (DAR) is an essential cornerstone in a strategic, solid and scalable analytic solution that will enable the customer not only to leverage his current offering in the short-term but also to better monetize his data assets in the long-term. The Data & Analytics Roadmap (DAR) covers the following aspects:
  • Business: Mapping the customer’s main business areas and gathering the business requirements
  • Data: Analyzing the data stored in the customer’s systems and the data required for a powerful and flexible analytic solution
  • Technology: Evaluating the customer’s existing technology stack and the necessity of technology upgrade / replacement in the short- and long-term


  1. Technology selection: Leading the technology selection to match the business strategy with the right technology stack (Data platform, BI tool, ETL tool, etc.). The Technology selection process is fully tailored to the customer’s needs: short- and long-term business volume and sizing plan, budget constraints, existing and missing skills, migration efforts and costs, etc. The selection process is based on the evaluation of a short-list of relevant technology alternatives, through a PoC process or in a Try & Buy approach.


  1. End-to-end Analytics solution implementation: BIyond covers all aspects of implementing an end-to-end Analytics solution. We lead the project from the early design phases to the detailed design, development and QA, evaluation (Beta) and deployment, and then take charge of the solution’s on-going maintenance and expansions. We are also flexible with outsourcing part of the project’s resources, while the customer leads the project.

BIyond is accustomed to working in mixed teams hand-in-hand with the customer’s internal resources.


  1. Data Science and Machine Learning solutions: BIyond’s experienced Data Science team is capable of handling any business-case end-to-end, using a variety of models, techniques and technologies for storing, processing and visualizing data. Examples include Social Networks Analysis, Semantic Web Processing, Text Mining, and more. We offer consulting, hands-on solution implementation and also Data Science courses – for both business and tech teams.


  1. Business and Data Analysts services:
  • Work with the customer on the business definition and implementation of relevant KPIs to measure performance and drive business value
  • Research the customer’s data (raw and aggregated) to find valuable patterns and insights
  • Serve as the main point-of-contact for the business users’ reports and dashboards requirements, and work on the implementation of these requirements


  1. Project planning and management: Planning the project, including phases, timeframe and budget estimation. Overall project management: Leading project status and management steering committee meetings, handling risk mitigation, managing project budget and making sure all deliverables are on time and in the appropriate quality.


  1. RFI/RFP: Leading the Analytics RFI/RFP process end-to-end:
  • Analysis: Analyzing the business requirements, current product/solution limitations and future enhancements
  • Document preparation: Preparing the RFI/RFP document, including the functional and non-functional requirements, implementation project guidelines, commercial section, legal and administrative chapters, etc.
  • Decision making: Replying to integrators’/vendors’ questions, gathering and analyzing RFI/RFP responses, defense meetings with integrators and vendors, commercial negotiations and final decision


  1. Team building: Building internal Analytics, BI and Data teams:
  • Position profiles: Preparing detailed job requirement profiles for the relevant positions, e.g. Head of BI / BI TL, Business / Data Analysts, Hadoop specialists, etc.
  • Talent search: Searching for talents and head-hunting, through connections and networking
  • Interviewing and filtering: Filtering the candidates’ list through technical and personal interviews and evaluation. Preparing a short-list of top candidates for final decision
  • On-boarding: New recruits on-boarding planning and execution
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